I’ve started to find it difficult finding my sneakers whenever i stand up and looked down at my feet.

I cant see my own belt buckle either, well not anymore.

When we age, the belly drops. Up to now, I haven’t discovered a workout which will reverse what is happening to me.

My body has started to look just like the body of a cartoon character named Fred Flintstone.

Computer animation recording studio Hanna-Barbera come up with this Flintstone cartoon collection, which many discovered to be humorous since they appeared to have modern day appliances powered by feet, small creatures, dinosaurs, blowing wind, or most anything at all except fossil fuels or even electric power.

Each and every show focused entirely on Fred Flintstone, a big-hearted, huge mouth bumbler, that never ever receives a break. You might have heard the old saying, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.” Hardly ever did Fred get lucky, and when he would, he misused his good fortune, or he’d be “the sucker which nobody gives a fair break.”

Nevertheless, everybody adored Fred as he has been true to his friends and family. Sad-eyed Fred confessed he was completely wrong or even stupid. Every person that viewed that show forgave BIG Fred, because he warranted it.

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Fred’s entire body was in the shape of a block of wood together with rounded edges. We never ever saw his entire body, without a shirt, yet we do see how his animal skin hung on that physique. I question that Fred may possibly fully stand up yet still see his shoes or boots either. Oh, yeah, right – Fred didn’t wear footwear (or even a belt). His shorter good friend, Barney Rubble, in addition wore the block of wood appearance.

Certainly, I believe each and every neanderthal in this show appeared this way. Nevertheless, their females looked fantastic! Fred plus Barney’s wives got the hourglass figure, in addition to their animal skin garments must have originate from Bloomin Rocks (Bloomingdales) mall.

Possibly, all modern day males are fated to look similar to him.

I’ve got to be, and just like Fred Flintstone, I get some things wrong. Nevertheless, my loved ones adores me also. I do believe I am going to check out Fred’s reruns, to find out what I will do next.


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