Few states are as unpredictable as Florida, the third most populated state in the country with 20.2 million. Image David Dermer AP

Florida is the gateway to President of the United States of America

If anyone doubted that Florida would be key to the White House battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, those doubts faded when both candidates traveled to Miami and other Florida cities on the eve of Tuesday’s election.

Many experts predict that, winning Florida, they get the keys to the White House. This has been a tight race in which both candidates have been in the lead just to lose advantage over any new scandal.

Trump initially was leading the polls, but lost ground when he leaked the recording of a conversation in which he used foul language about a women he wanted to touch in her private parts area. The perception worsened for the Republican candidate when 11 women accused him of having touched them improperly or harassed them.

It was then that Clinton jumped ahead so far that experts and pollsters took it for granted that the former secretary of state would be elected the first President of the country. But, suddenly, everything changed.

FBI Director James Comey revealed a few days ago that he began an investigation after agents learned that there are possibly more than 600,000 suspicious emails on the computer of Huma Abedin, the close assistant of the Democratic candidate. Also a former congressman Anthony Weiner, who was already under investigation for having sent sexual text messages to a minor.

Although it is not known where the new investigation is going to go, the announcement infuriated Clinton because she faces uncertainty again, even though last July the FBI director stated that the candidate was not to be criminally charged in the previous investigation on classified content messages.

In addition to the e-mail scandal, other issues have emerged in the campaign, underscoring the contrasts between Clinton and Trump.

These are: immigration (she supports giving the undocumented a legal status, while he would build a border wall); The Obamacare (she supports a continuation of health insurance, while he would revoke it); The Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico (she supports the FTA, while he wants to renegotiate it).


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