Florida Bridge falls killing 6 Google image labeled for reuse

A pedestrian bridge that was being constructed for Florida International University was getting a “stress test” just before it crumbled Thursday on top of vehicles, killing 6 individuals and also sending TEN to a medical center, authorities confirmed. 

The casualty increased by 2 more in early Friday morning hours.

When state federal detectives worked trying to identify exactly how the only five-day-old span malfunctioned and broke-up, one particular element might be the tension testing which Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez pointed out that workers were actually performing when it fell.

Stopped at Traffic light

A couple of employees got on the 862-ton span just moments before it pancaked right on top of automobiles standing by for a traffic light.

” In our 40-year history, nothing like this has ever happened before,” the report claimed. “Our entire team mourns the loss of life and injuries associated with this devastating tragedy, and our prayers go out to all involved.”

The Bridge

” This bridge was about goodness, not sadness,” Rosenberg said. “Now we’re feeling immense sadness, uncontrollable sadness. And our hearts go out to all those affected, their friends and their families. We’re committed to assist in all efforts necessary, and our hope is that this sadness can galvanize the entire community to stay the course, a course of goodness, of hope, of opportunity.”

The video


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