WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – Past U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn admitted his guilt Friday of telling lies to the Federal bureau of investigation, regarding contacts with Russia’s ambassador, prosecutors reported that he conferred with key officials within Trump’s presidential changeover staff.

In his court room appearance in down-town Washington, Flynn had become the very first person in Trump’s current administration that pleaded guilty to a criminal offense, discovered through a special counsel investigating Russia’s supposed attempts to influence the 2016 presidential political election.

Flynn, who was a former Military general and an associate member of Trump’s marketing campaign team, confessed as part of his plea bargain agreement that he provided bogus statements to FBI with regards to having connections with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in advance of Trump taking office.

ABC Media reported Mr. Flynn, is now facing as much as 5 years in prison, was now ready to confirm that prior to taking office Donald Trump instructed him to get a hold of and make contact with the Russians.

Conspiracy Talk News couldn’t instantly confirm this ABC Media report on Flynn’s testifying, which may position the Republican US President in a unpleasant position after he’s denied any kind of collusion in between his marketing campaign staff and Moscow.

Stocks and shares , also the dollar dropped dramatically following the ABC statement, with the standard S&P 500 index dropping 1.2 per cent, the actual dollar came down by 0.4 % and bond yields slipping on the 10-year Treasury notes US10YT=RR yielding 2.32 %.

Flynn’s final decision to cooperate with Robert Mueller, noting a significant escalation in the investigation which has dogged President Donald Trump’s current administration ever since the Republican us president had taken office.

White House explained, Flynn’s guilty admission this Friday implicated him only.

“Nothing regarding this guilty admission or even the charge, implicates anybody apart from Mr. Flynn,” Ty Cobb, a White House lawyer, stated within a declaration on Friday.

Mr. Flynn had been pushed out from the White House position back-in February for deceiving VP Mike Pence regarding his interactions with the Russian ambassador.

ABC reported that Mr. Flynn seemed to be all set to testify, that Donald Trump told him to make this contact with the Russians in advance of Trump becoming president, at first in an effort to come together to combat the Islamic State within Syria.

If Flynn says that all this happened prior to taking office and Trump told him to make contact with Russian authorities, that may not necessarily add up to a criminal offense.
If it was confirmed that President Trump instructed Mr. Flynn to lie to the Federal bureau of investigation, that will be a criminal offense, however legal specialists don’t agree about whether or not a sitting US President could even be indicted.

Some say the only obvious punishment for any President that has committed any criminal acts is impeachment through Congress.

Constitution offers this impeachment, that needs only a majority in the House along with a two-thirds vote in the senate, regarding “high criminal offenses as well as misdemeanors,” which our elected representatives are free to determine as they sees fit.


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