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In the recent events former Fox News guest Scottie Hughes has filed a case against 21st Fox Century, Fox News and “Money Making”host Charles Paynes. She has alleged Mr. Payne of raping her in 2013 and then retaliating with revealing her name in an Interview causing her loss of opportunities. The filed case includes allegations of defamation, gender-motivated violence, gender discrimination and retaliation.

Back in 2013 When it all started

In a lawsuit filed in Federal Court on Monday, ex FBN guest states that back in 2013, Payne invited her for a private discussion in his hotel room in New York. Despite her saying “NO” more than once he raped her and then coerced her into a relationship that lasted 3 years “in exchange for career opportunities and benefits”.

Despite his se*ual assault and rape, he managed to coerce Ms. Hughes, his subordinate, into a se*ual relationship in exchange for career opportunities and benefits… While there are, admittedly, many emails that Fox and Payne will no doubt use to suggest that a consensual relationship existed after the July 2013 se*ual violence, describing what happened here as simply an ‘affair’ or ‘consensual relationship’ is misleading and wrong.”, it reads on the 29 page complaint submitted to the Federal Court.

Trouble for Charles Payne Continues

After an official complaint was filed to Fox News by the-then employee Hughes, Payne was suspended for two months impending his investigation. Just days after he was brought back, a new trouble has arose not just for the Fox News anchor but for the whole channel and its parent company 21st century Fox as well.

While Payne was unavailable for comments, the representative Jonathan Halpern states

“My client Charles Payne vehemently denies any wrongdoing and will defend himself vigorously against this baseless complaint. We are confident that when the evidence is presented in this case, Mr. Payne will be fully vindicated and these outrageous accusations against him will be confirmed as completely false”

The publicity stunt is downright Shameful- Fox News

While Doug Wigdor calls Fox News investigation a sham investigation, Fox News takes this case as nothing but a publicity stunt after things didn’t happen according to Ms. Scottie Hughes.

“The latest publicity stunt of a lawsuit filed by Doug Wigdor has absolutely no merit and is downright shameful. We will vigorously defend this”, said a Fox News representative.

Furthermore, they also called this case bogus and brought to notice how Mr. Wigdor is the third representative of Ms. Hughes in the last six months.

“It’s worth noting that Doug is Ms. Hughes’ third representative in the last six months to raise some variation of these claims which concern events from four years ago, since it apparently took some time to find someone willing to file this bogus case.”

What is most important to me is that justice will prevent other women from going through the nightmare I’m now living- Scottie Hughes

Hughes states that while Paynes has been resorted back to his previous stature and power. Revelation of her name in an Interview to Enquiry has led to her downfall.

A Trump supporter, she said that sources revealed how she was nominated for a seat in Trump campaign but was not selected after blacklisting from Fox. Her bookie was told informally how she was not to be booked because she had an affair with someone on Fox.

In an emotional rant and an Interview, Payne apologized for having involved in an extramarital affair. The news was covered by major news channels and media putting her name out and causing her to suffer an emotional rape all over again.

From 5-6 Appearances a Week to 5 Appearances a Year

Subsequently coming to her senses and declaring the relationship over, Hughes says her guest appearances became just a handful on Fox. And after she filed the complaint, she was hushed, and later blacklisted out of thin air.

More so, this retaliation from Mr. Payne has caused her both professional and personal harm for which she and her attorney Mr. Wigdor would be dragging not just Payne but also, Fox News to the court.

With many previous allegations against Mr. Payne but no proof, it is difficult to come to a conclusion right now. Who’s in the wrong here? Only time will tell and we will be here bringing all the juicy details of the news right to you.


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