macOS High Sierra

On Monday, 25 September 2017, Apple Inc. announced a new free update for Mac called MacOS High Sierra Update. This free update comes just a few days after the iconic iPhone X reveal and iOS 11 upgrades that are getting quite an attention in the iPhone fanatics community.

High Sierra is an important update for Mac users which introduces new technologies for high-efficiency video streaming, VR, advanced storage technology and more. Also, native apps like Photos, Safari, Notes, and Mail have been refined to make users fall in love with their Mac all over again.

“macOS High Sierra is an important update that makes the Mac more capable and responsive while laying the foundation for future innovations.” says Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering.

The new update introduces Mac with an advanced file storage system called APFS, short for Apple File System. With APFS, common tasks like copy-paste are almost instantaneous and the users get enhanced reliability, performance, and security.

4K Video Quality with 40% less Storage Space

Apple doesn’t seem to cease any opportunity to amaze the world. With the recent and free update for Mac, Apple has managed to do it yet again.

High-Efficiency Video Streaming has become the latest industry trend that enables efficient and effective compression, playback and streaming of videos.

With HEVC, Apple enables its users to watch 4K quality videos while using 40 percent less storage space.

Metal 2: New Way to Tap Into GPU Power on Mac

Metal 2 enables the users to tap into GPU power on Mac with more efficiency than ever. This powerful and advanced Graphics technology supports unbelievable experiences like machine learning used in natural language processing, computer vision and speech recognition.

macOS high sierra

Core ML and VR Support

Developers can rejoice with the new macOS update that brings advanced Core ML and VR support to their Mac system. With Core ML, the developers can create entirely new range of apps.

For the very first time, this update enables VR content creation that enables the game developers to create immersive games with 3D and Virtual reality content right on their Mac.

macOS high Sierra

Other functionalities and improvements include new improved user-interface and editing tools for Photos, Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, and tables creation in Notes, to name a few.

This update is a revolutionary OS upgrade with improved and enhanced technologies that will increase the efficiency of daily tasks for Mac users and help developers create new range of apps with Core ML and VR support.


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