The Asian giant has one of the most restrictive policies in the world around the Internet, ahead of Iran and Syria. Nathan Joseph / Conspiracy Talk News

BEIJING (Conspiracy Talk News) – China closed or revoked the licenses of 13,000 web pages since 2015 for violating the drastic rules of the Internet in that country, the official Xinhua News Agency announced.

In addition, nearly 10 million Internet accounts were closed for “violation of service protocols,” the agency also continues targeting accounts on social networks.

“These actions have a strong deterrent effect,” said Wang Shengjun, deputy chairman of the standing committee of the National People’s Assembly, according to the agency.

Although China has the largest population of Internet users in the world, a report published back in October 2015 by the NGO indicating that of the 65 countries analyzed, the Asian giant had one of the most restrictive policies for the Internet, ahead of Iran. and Syria.

The local Internet system is drastically controlled by a device named (“the great electronic wall”) that blocks social networks like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and even Google, as well as numerous Western Media sites.

Chinese platforms, such as the Weibo micro-blog site or the WeChat messaging site, are also the target of heavy censorship.

The contents considered “sensitive” are quickly deleted and or blocked so that some searches can not be performed.

Beijing categorically defends its “cyber-sovereignty” and justifies the different types of censorship by national security imperatives.

To circumvent this block, individuals can use “virtual private networks”, often known by their acronym in English VPN (“virtual private network”). These programs are found on the Internet or in the applications systems for smart-phones.


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