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The draft Withdrawal Agreement is expected to move beyond the draft stage to the executive stage, which will no longer allow British people working in the EU to move from country to country without a valid visa.

This important change in the history of the region comes about as the proceedings of Brexit start formally exiting the initial stages for what is to come next year.

The individuals on the short end of the stick will be none other than the 1.3 million British people who work in different countries all across the EU and have enjoyed freedom of movement for decades.

Finding a common ground will be tough for Theresa May, as decision to leave the Union does come with harsh policies imposed on the UK.

One problem which seems to remain unresolved at the moment, is that of the questionable border of Ireland and how it will be affected as a result of Brexit.

British in Europe” is an organization which works for the welfare & rights of British people who are working in the EU27.

The president of the organization stated that “80% who reside in these countries or of the working age or younger,” meaning that “they are bound to face difficulties as they grow up.”

The EU, however, has confirmed the draft does not aim to relieve British people in their countries of their basic human rights, as they will be allowed to stay in the country they presently reside in without further documentation and will be provided with health-care, welfare and payments including pensions etc.

This limitation of movement, is becoming unpopular for people outside the UK, and the country is attempting to take into consideration the mutual consent of all those residents which reside out of it.


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