Seems that 150 currently retired generals, admirals with 1,200 other former American military officials have pleaded with Donald Trump administration, that he must not make major budget cuts at State Dept, foreign aid and various other international programs.

In separate letters, former military leaders and designated veterans emphasized the absolute need to start investing in diplomacy at the same time as in the military.

This happened when Trump again proposed cutting the budget for international operations by about a third in the proposed budget.

Among those generals are George Casey and David Petraeus with Stanley McChrystal and even Wesley Clark, who said in their messages, that “today’s crises doesn’t only have a military solutions.”

The list consisted of veterans, includes former members of all branches of the military.

They wrote, the US should reinforce its global leadership in the midst of escalating crises, instead of weakening it, marginalising diplomacy as well as development aid.


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