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German Cities will not allow the usage of diesel cars in several city zones after a historical decision of the court.

Administrative Federal Court of Leipzig stated that cities of Dusseldorf and Stuttgart can legally disallow cars that use diesel to circulate. This decision is a precedent setter for other cities, and the analysts say that this can lead to similar decisions all over Europe.

The Government had opposed the prohibitions and said that this could have been avoided. The decision of the Court came after German states had appealed against the prohibitions decided by the Local Court of Stuttgart and Dusseldorf.

The environmental group DUH brought cases of 70 German cities, which exceeded the European Union Nitrogen Oxide limits last year.

Dioxide emissions, that contain nitrogen oxide, can cause respiratory illnesses or death.

What happens after?

Now it is possible that the German Government will be rushing to enter a type of national policy aiming to secure at least one level of sustainability throughout the country.

It’s not only Germany – cities all over Europe are trying to fulfill the EU standards of air quality and the German case is a precedent for this.

New diesel cars will not be restricted by this decision at this time, surprisingly. Consumers now are drawing closer and closer to technology – the perspective of this type of prohibitions will make this process faster.

The fall of diesel is near.

Diesel cars have been fronted with a lot of critics since the “Diesel Autumn” scandal of Volkswagen.

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted they used illegal software for deceiving USA discharge tests. Almost 11 million cars were affected by the scandal.

DUH was hoping that the sanctions in the German cities would end this “resistance” of the industry to complete even the last EU standards.

ClientEarth, a legal environmental firm which has worked with this case, said that the accomplishment was “an extraordinary result for the German peoples health, and can have an impact even further”.

Ugo Taggei said that: “this decision gives legitimate legal clarity that diesel restrictions are legally permissible and will inevitably start a domino effect across the country, with implications for further legal cases”

Meanwhile Paris, Madrid, Mexico City and Athens have promised to not allow diesel cars in the city centers by 2025, while the Mayor of Copenhagen wants to prohibit even the new diesel cars to enter cities.

Car manufacturers, including Porsche and Toyota, have also signalled that they will begin to leave the diesel technology.

According to analysts of Evercore ISI, the last decision taken by Germany “had set a strong precedent for similar actions all over Europe”.



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