PHILADELPHIA (Conspiracy Talk News) – A New Jersey girl who had been aided by the homeless gentleman just as the girl ran out of gasoline within Philadelphia is actually raising funds to help this man.

Kate McClure has been travelling by car to Philly to see a buddy a few weeks ago when the girl ran-out of fuel on Highway 95. This Florence Township girl pulled her car over to the shoulder and started to stress right up, until this homeless person approached her location..

The person, whose identify ended up being only known as “Johnny,” informed her that it was not safe here, and the man purchased for McClure fuel, using his final $2 bill to his name.

McClure guaranteed that she’d come back to pay back this money. McClure as well as her sweetheart, Mark D’Amico, currently have raised more than $20,000 for this past ammunition tech who was now homeless.

The happy couple aspire to find “Johnny” a flat and assist him with travelling.


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