Few days back, scientists debunked the Global Warming notion that high global temperatures are not related to climatic changes.

A report that appeared in the Daily Mail revealed that global temperatures are closely linked to climate change. International and federal agencies claimed that 2016 is one of the hottest years in our planet’s history. When compared against 2015, this year has been very hot! The Daily Mail stressed this drop in temperature was due to a phenomenon called “El Nino”. El Nino is not a term to represent climate change. However, it is responsible for the recorded temperature.

Mr. Titley chaired the committee of “National Academies of Sciences” which has issued a report last March on science of weather to climate change. This study indicated that scientists today have a stronger understanding of just how climate impacts those heat and cold events as well as moderate understanding of exactly how it may impact drought, heavy rain. “When I listen to people like Pielke talk about how we can’t show tornadoes have increased, it doesn’t negate fact that seas are rising, temperatures are rising, the magnitude and severity of droughts are increasing, as well as impacting our food and our water systems,” Titley said at the committee meeting.

El Nino

Scientists confirmed on the fact that El Nino contributed to the years high temperature. Nobody agrees that recorded high temperatures are exclusively due to climate change. This is a declarative statement from Mike Halpert. On the other hand, Deke Arndt, the chief of National Centers for Environmental Information reveals that global warming is a clear trend. The already higher temperatures are due to two major reasons: El Nino and climate change.

With El Nino, water temperatures are bound to increase near the Eastern Equatorial Pacific coast. This affects temperatures and weather patterns across the globe. Temperature of sea surfaces have dropped considerable. Yet, land temperature has not improved any.

Scientists believe that temperatures over land vary at a faster rate than that over water. This is because land stores very little heat. Dr. Arndt is quite certain that if you want to see the effects of global warming, you must make global scale assessments on global data.


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