People toss the word “crazy” around like confetti.

That’s crazy, you’re crazy, what a crazy idea. Conventional wisdom says the insane are certain of their sanity; the rest of us wonder occasionally whether we’ve lost a marble or two on life’s playground. When confronted with the paranormal, we worry that we’ve lost our grip on reality. Did I really see that, we ask ourselves. It’s one thing to wonder about your own sanity, and another for someone else to proclaim you insane. If that someone has no medical training, and has never met you, why should you listen?

Ever since I announced the pending publication of my new book The Evolution Conspiracy, evolutionists have latched onto my interest in the paranormal as a means to dismiss me as crazy. “Oh look, she’s interested in the paranormal. She’s totally insane!” They even go so far as to quote things I’ve said on my various websites, as if this will embarrass me into shutting up. Gee, if I said something on my website what makes them think it embarrasses me? If my interest in and ideas about the paranormal embarrassed me, I wouldn’t stamp my name onto everything I write about those topics. On several occasions, evolutionists have quoted my bio in the hopes of humiliating me with that. Hmm, let’s see… I wrote my bio. Why on earth would I put anything in it that would embarrass me?

Of course, in most cases the people calling me crazy are anonymous comm-enters hiding behind screen names. Their need to cower behind anonymity reveals more about them than their comments expose about me. The evolutionists who use their real names and the anonymous commentators both label me crazy for the same reason. They want to shut me up with ridicule. Sorry, folks, but that won’t work with me. I’ve been called far worse things than crazy.

Why must they resort to ridicule? Because I’ve hit a nerve in my critique of evolution. I’ve done the research (eight years of it) and based my analysis on the data presented by scientists themselves. Scientists who dogmatically adhere to evolution as the answer to all the mysteries of life will refuse to even tap a fingertip on a copy of my book. Open-minded scientists are reading it as we speak. Whether those scientists agree with my conclusions or not, their willingness to read the book at least demonstrates they won’t criticize something they haven’t bothered to peruse.

Do I cringe when someone calls me crazy? Hardly. Ridicule is a powerful weapon—but only if you let it be. Ignore the ridicule, and the weapon fizzles.


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