God says BRING IT ON!


THE HEAVENS seem to be Pointing the reinforcements towards locations that had suffered major casualties, The lord, Our own Heavenly Father, requested the deployment with 100,000 more mosquitoes and other nasty little bugs to the United States, sources confirmed Monday.

“At approximately 0700 hours today, 100 units of our highest quality mosquitoes had been dispatched to augment the 20,000,000 presently positioned across the country as an element of our large-scale summer offensive,” explained the Creator of All Things, explaining that the deployments have been concentrated in highly competitive battle areas and specific zones for example Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., which had currently suffered significant losses as a result of U.S. citronella protection as well as propane insect foggers.

“These mosquitoes are fresh out of the pupa period and able to fight.

They’ll focus on occupying beaches throughout the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes location, and also the South, holding off any kind of counteroffensive up until the humidity and heat arrive later come july 1st and at the same time create better conditions for the next phase of the invasion.

” God, the father also proclaimed intends to ramp up The utilization of biological war-fare, as thousands of the freshly stationed mosquitoes had been furnished with pathogenic agents carrying malaria, West Nile, and the Zika virus.


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