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The key things that Trump administration was able to achieve so far outweighs the things that have not yet been achieved. What has he done so far you ask?, well, the tax overhaul to regulatory rollbacks, filling positions in the court and growing the economy, although the list is longer, the top things that he has done are listed below.


When it comes to accountability for him and his administration, Trump has refined the way the system is being run now through his presidency. Things like his nomination of 73 federal judges that he successfully won, his nomination of Neil Gorusch as he took the win for Supreme Court Judge. He also ordered ethical standards which included a strong lobbying ban. The administration attacked a strategic plan to reorganize the executive branch which they have been successfully doing since the first day. He made changes to overhaul and modernize the digital government. Lastly for accountability, the administration had fully audited the Pentagon and has changed the way they spend funds to ensure they are effectively using the Pentagon budgets.

Trumps tax reform

While a small number of political strategists, The president wouldn’t be able to pass a tax bill earlier after congressional Republicans had failed to do so, he has succeeded in passing a favorable tax reform bill. The months of ongoing internal arguments and disagreements between Republican leaders and White House officials provoked more efforts to undo and change health-care law. The administration has been able to overcome disagreements of the health care laws to make the needed changes that the administration wanted.  Ultimately, his promises of overhauling the tax code was a top priority for Trump and his administration, which they’ve successfully achieved during the first year in office.

With a strict message from the new president,, he has victoriously signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This has slashed corporate tax rates from 21 percent to 35 percent. It has also cut individual tax rates for people with varying income levels and has doubled child tax credit up to $2000, which has overwhelmingly increased individual tax standard deductions.

His tax cuts are the largest tax cuts in the US since about 1985.

Economic Growth

There has been a successful and great growth of economic and unemployment statistics, while he has been in office.

Unemployment and growth statistics are at their best since his presidency and the US is almost at nearly full employment with the GDP growing to nearly 4.1%. It has much to do with his great decision making-skills in cutting regulations and pursuing policies to ultimately put more funds into company’s pockets,and for those companies to invest and spend the money wisely.

The stock market is at an all time high and he can be credited for that, as the stock market has increased to 250% since his presidency.

With a great stock market, that means a better economy is happening in the United States.

Trump’s presidency so far has bought a lot of good things to the United States of America. With his overall promise for a better America, it is showing through what he has done so far with accountability, tax reforms and economic growth.

As we look forward to the future we can expect more good things to come under the Trump administration.


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