Google took down 1.7 billion ads in violation ad-sense and google policy back in 2016. (Kim Jin-a/Associated Press)

Fake News is now the target of two of the biggest technology companies on the planet. Back in late 2016 Google with Facebook joined forces to curb more spreading of misinformation and hoaxes published on there media platforms.

Facebook has made clear publicly that they shall”Fact check” any and all suspect news stories publishes in their users feeds or posts. Google is on the same page as Facebook when it come to making money from posting “fake news” and tarnishing the good name of those implicated in such news articles, feeds and or posts.

One might as, just how successful have the effort been to date? Well, neither company will say very much on this subject, however Google, at the very least, offered a small glimpse.

Google released a report today 1/25/2017, saying that their advertising teams already reviewed  more then 550 websites that it suspected served up misleading or “Fake news”  content dating from November 2016 to December 2016. Out of the 550 Google has taken severe action against 340 of them for Google advertisement violations.

Some say “that’s a drop in the bucket, but a start in the right direction never the less”.

The company stated that “200 publishers and or site operators have been removed from Google ad-sense network permanently”. Spokesman for Google also confirmed they took down over “1.7 billion ads back in 2016 that were in direct violation of policy”.

CTN News tried numerous times by emails for additional information on who exactly were those suspended and in violation of policy for “fake news” advertising practices, in all attempts Google has declined further comments.


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