The fine corresponds to a sanction imposed in 2010 by a Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Google will pay the fine of 300,000 euros imposed by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) for a serious breach when it Google collected and stored personal data transmitted over open WiFi networks, without those affected having knowledge of said collection and without the consent of the same.

Google now ensures everyone that the problem which affected their systems is solved. “At Google we work conscientiously to comply with privacy-related policies.”

 In this case, a law suite dating back to 2010 made google acknowledge publicly that they were wrong and only then did Google informed the Spanish Data Protection Agency of the error and we solved the problem that affected our systems.

“We have collaborated completely throughout the last seven years and of course, we will pay the sanction imposed”, “sources from the company have pointed out that this is a problem that was solved seven years ago. , so it does not affect the current Street View service which the AEPD concluded in 2013, the image collection campaign and its subsequent provision of the service did not violate the Spanish data protection regulations from that point forward.

The Agency has made public this Tuesday, November 7th, that a mutual agreement  was reached and thus ends the legal procedures with Google in relation to the collection and processing of personal data of WiFi networks.


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