Google has done it again; it has changed its algorithm. This time the changes have affected Penguin, an algorithm that was launched by the online giant in April 2012 with the aim of combating spam in the results of its search engine, by penalizing those websites that tried to position themselves using techniques not Ethical of link building.

Almost two years later, this latest update has brought us to Penguin 4.0, since last September 23 is already in operation and comes with many changes that we should not ignore. As always, Google will give more value to quality than quantity.

The Penguin algorithm will now penalize websites that used techniques of Black Hat SEO. Fraudulent positioning techniques are totally prohibited by Google, which have the main objective of positioning a website quickly based on optimal navigation. And do not forget that Google’s first rule is to ensure the best user experience.

Google penguin penalizes all those techniques focused on the creation of low quality links, SPAM and Black Hat SEO.

Penguin 4.0, Google updated

Without doubt the main feature of Penguin 4.0 is that from now on it will be updated in real time. No more waiting for Google to release a new version to assess the changes we made to our website, since the 23rd of September, the crawlers will identify the website and indexed your page again.

Also keep in mind that penguin pays more attention to details. Penguin 4.0 focuses on spam levels and not the entire website. It will put its five senses in detecting the signals of spam, devaluing those webs that have abused poor quality links to position themselves. This means that the algorithm will not affect your entire website, but only certain specific parts or pages.

The objective of this new update is to encourage users to use White Hat techniques – techniques considered correct by Google – adding value to the creation of attractive websites and Quality that guarantee the best user experience.


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