FameBit Is Being Taken Over By Google

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YouTube owned by Google is one of the world’s finest websites for videos! The site does much more than hosting videos. It has evolved to be a perfect platform for advertising, launching businesses and promoting content. On Tuesday, the 11th of October Google took YouTube videos to a new level. It bought FameBit – a technology platform that connects video makers and brands. FameBit makes the right match between brands and video markers resulting in paid or sponsored promotions.

Ariel Bardin, the VP of YouTube product management revealed Google’s bond with brands, YouTube’s relationship with video makers and FameBit’s expertise can increase the number of opportunities for branded content. End of the day, this deal is meant to generate more revenue for online business owners and video creators that rely on YouTube.

The Advent of Partner Programs

“Partner Program” was designed nearly 9 years ago. It was meant to assist video makers in gaining new followers, become famous and make money through advertisements. According to a recent study, top YouTube advertisers have increased their investments on YouTube videos by nearly 50%. And, this number is only going to increase in the future! This is why Google wants to create more bonds between brands and creators. Bardin claims that there are many benefits for establishing creative connections!

What does FameBit have to Say?

As of now, FameBit will serve as a standalone entity (disclosed by its co-founders Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski). The co-founders posted a message in their website that their relationship with Google is to help both small and large firms. They hope to connect with many video makers, keep audiences engaged and make online marketing authentic & creative as ever. Meanwhile, this change stresses on the need for interesting and intuitive ads online!


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