Energy coming from the auroras, seen here just above Jupiter's northern pole. This is now called the Great Cold Spot. (NASA/ESA)

Here it is folks, the “Great Cold Spot” which was just found on Jupiter, this one is cold and rather high up, but GREAT never the less.

Scientists have reported this amazing discovery on Tuesday, showing the dark expanse as 24,000 km across and just over 12,000 km wide.

The “Great Spot” is located within the upper atmosphere making this spot a much cooler than its hotter surroundings, thus the given name “Great Cold Spot”. However unlike the enormous planet’s recognizable “Great RED Spot”, this new revealed weather arrangement is incessantly altering in shape as well as in size: ii is formed by the energy created from Jupiter’s own polar auroras.

If this interests you, then take a gander at this link. it will show you the broader story of this discovery.


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