Mexican Presidential elections cartoon. Archived Photo

MEXICO (Conspiracy Talk News) –  The threads are already woven for the great presidential electoral stage of 2018, the coming of the Messiah,- in play, will be 9 governors, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, which is built every six years and every six years awaits the great Messiah, the great redeemer, who will take us out of poverty, which will eliminate crime in its various forms: drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, trafficking in women and men, boys and girls. 

The same Messiah who will give us jobs and better salaries, who will eradicate corruption and impunity. Without a doubt, it is the same one that will give us better education and increase productivity with its magical touch and full of good intentions. Of course it is the voice of a sector, quite broad, majority, particularly with great aspirations but passive and ignorant.

There is another sector that expects that the state of affairs does not change, that it only nuances a little but that in general allows the continuity of the already established. That sector expects political activity to remain profitable: today a deputy, tomorrow a senator or maybe a governor, even if he is a regidor. It is the sector concerned in the discourse for the development of the most needy, it is the same that theories and contemplates poverty and the various social problems travelling in a Lear Jet; with charge to the treasury, of course.

Another sector does not cease to academicize public life, in the classrooms and in the mass media, speculates on the different economic, political and electoral scenarios with such precision that their word is changed in the word of God. He criticises in a radical way, the ways of doing politics and his astute gaze tells him, however, that he maintains a healthy distance, anything can happen and it is important to be well with everyone. There are many other sectors, fragmented in general, there are even those that our imagination can not even perceive.

Each sector or each person wants, without a doubt, a country model.

It is a contradictory and plural model, full of antagonistic visions and full of mismatched interests. The Mexico that we have before our eyes is so heterogeneous and plural that it resembles the Tower of Babel: all speaking different languages ​​and disinterested in understanding each other. Disorganisation is fundamental because the same towers of Babel demonstrated it: organised social groups can reach unsuspected limits.

Within this confusion, a “militarised” Mexico is shaken as a policeman. According to the Law on Internal Security, approved last week, the armed forces can intervene when there are threats to national security due to lack of collaboration of the entities or municipalities for the sake of national security. Which is a fairly recurring theme, so … At the same time, a Mexico is threatened, threatened that any person who published social accusations against the government can be punished with fines or jail.

Evidently, Mexico is as Whitman’s poem says: it contains crowds and contradicts itself.

The enormous task, if you want to see it that way, is to decipher those great contradictions, to perceive with an attentive and responsible look the countless number of Mexico’s that exist and to really contribute to the growth of each one of them. And if the task is complicated then, given that the Christmas season and Kings are approaching, ask with the utmost faith that someone will do us the flavor that some of our dreams can be fulfilled.

At least in our imagination they have never failed us.


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