Green Card Lottery I Russia

Lawmakers within Russian government are deciding to run and manage a brand new Green card Lottery, very similar to the one held each year by the United States, in hopes of increasing immigration and permanent residency to its country.

This concept is still in the initial stages as members of the Russian LA (Legislative assembly) within St. Petersburg are brainstorming to quickly prepare this bill with the intent of submitting it to federal parliament vote and then passing it into Law. This bill would introduce special amendments required for the “Status of Foreign Citizens”.

Sponsors of this new “Green Card Lottery insist it is a measure totally aimed at boosting immigration into the home land.

“According to the prepared draft foreign citizens who are recognized as winners of a special lottery conducted by an electronic generator of random numbers can be granted permits for permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation, states this note within the bill.

At the present time Russian citizenship if they so choose, may be give to children and spouses but only if they are citizens of Russia. The President of Russia still have the sole power to be able to grant any number of passports or citizenship to those people who are recognized by extraordinary achievements or even provide services essential to the country of Russia.

Several famous people already have been given Russian passports, such as actor Gerard Depardieu from France and from the US Jeff Mason, who is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter (MMA), let’s not forget Hollywood’s tough guy and also a mixed martial artist in his own right, Steven Seagal.


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