The owner of a Northern Virginia gun store is suing after anti-2nd Amendment fanatics, including state lawmakers, waged a public smear campaign in an attempt to force it to close shop.

The Arlington-based Nova Armory opened just last month. The store is the only licensed firearm dealer in the city and the gun shop currently closest to Washington D.C.

Unfortunately for the business, local anti-gun fanatics and the liberal state legislators who represent them began trying to cause it problems even before its doors opened.

In a letter to the property owner who leased space to the gun shop, seven Virginia state legislators urged her to renege on the deal.

The lawmakers— Dels. Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez, Richard Sullivan and Mark Levine and Sens. Barbara Favola, Janet Howell and Adam Ebbin— wrote: “Given its proximity to Route 50 with easy access to Interstate 95, this location could be the site for potentially nefarious and illegal activities such as enabling individuals to successfully obtain fraudulent Virginia drivers licenses to purchase firearms, illegally paying Virginia residents to buy guns, creating a ‘black market’ to sell firearms for cash or drugs, or become a magnet for robbery as was recently the case in a firearms store in McLean, Virginia.”

Levine took abusing the gun shop to the next level.

In a social media post, he urged residents of the community to boycott the entire strip mall where the store is located, insisting the store’s very presence puts people in danger.

Part of his nonsense post read: “Are you ready to pay for all the funerals of all the people that your guns murder? And provide reimbursement for all wrongful deaths you cause? If not, then please, we beg you, leave Arlington.”

Nova Armory finally got fed up with the misplaced anger and decided to sue.  The company names 64 individuals in a civil suit filed April 18 in Richmond City Circuit Court.

“They’re trying to put [Nova] out of business. They’ve been doing unlawful things in an attempt to do that,” Daniel L. Hawes, attorney for NoVa Armory, told local media.

The business is seeking $2 million in damages.




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