Harper Pipeline Appointees getting Axed at the hand of Trudeau. Photo Google Images - Labeled for reuse

This looks like the Liberal federal government has indeed started to rearrange Canada’s energy team, under Justin Trudeau Government, in order to complement their own criteria. 

While these guys freely confess that those upcoming regulation changes are simply intended to remove individuals selected at the hand of Stephen Harper.

While public servants would retain jobs in a restructured energy oversight regime, the bill introduced in the House of Commons is designed to jettison the current members of the pipeline regulator, the federal Natural Resources Department said on Tuesday.”

Seem that we will definitely need to play a waiting game, and see who the substitutes may be, however presumably, that is really one step which is going to have Canada’s power/energy policy end up being much more limiting.

For instance, we discovered that those brand-new delegates will be chosen because of their strengths throughout environmentally friendly scientific research, neighbourhood advancement as well as having more Native traditional know-how, we will see, says the public.

The Observer is revealing in which “All 19 politically-appointed members of the National Energy Board are slated to be swept from their positions under new environmental legislation introduced last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.”

Just what is your take on this ? Let us know down below!


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