Healthy eating involves eating simple home cooked food with balanced nutrition and keeping high fat and sweet away from the dinner table. How many of us follow this even after getting advised from our doctor on possible health risks?

People, who continue to consume high level of sugar in daily food, expose themselves to health risks. Fatty foods and high sugar content can increase the level of sugar in the blood besides increasing cholesterol and lead to harmful triglycerides building up in the system.

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Survey of over 6000 people and tabulating the cholesterol and sugar levels has indicated a high calorie diet being consumed by over 16% of the people. The sugar intake is found to be more than the body requirement.

While the highest intake of sugar was found to be around 46 teaspoons per day, the lowest was around 3 teaspoons.

As per doctors and health guidelines, one needs to restrict the daily intake of sugar to nine teaspoons in case of men and six teaspoons in case of women. This applies to the additional sugar that we consume apart from the natural sugar that goes into our system through the food.

It is expected that with more and more awareness being spread, even the food manufacturers will be forced to bring out products with no added sugar. Governments are actively taking steps in similar direction by taxing the ready foods with sugar content and making it costlier. This attempt should discourage people from eating bought out food, which is not healthy.

Experts believe that with a small increase in taxation on soft drinks can effectively reduce the consumption and demand of soft drinks. We can try to reduce the demand from 50 gallons to 40 gallons per year with this additional tax levy.

Uncontrolled and high fat diet with increased sugar intake is very risky and exposes us to serious and fatal health complications. With such a lifestyle we are inviting heart ailments and other complications including blood pressure, diabetes etc.


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