On Thursday (28th of October) the World Bank appointed its very first adviser for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex alias “LGBTI” problems. The adviser is responsible for promoting and making life safer for these individuals. The senior most adviser is expected to spend time researching and figuring out development plans for the LGBTI community. The decision to have an advisor comes after LGBTI people, who are scrutinized across the world. The poverty fighting organization has decided to create loans and conduct special campaigns for LGBTI people. The UN believes that discrimination can have a negative impact on economies.

The Reports

The UN has been gathering lots of information about LGBTI individuals worldwide. The research projects have been around for quite some time. Discrimination is morally wrong and shouldn’t be carried out in any nation. If a nation wants to experience economic growth, sustainability and a balance population, it should support the growth of LGBTI people too. After all, they are an integral part of our economies.

The Fight

Meanwhile, the World Bank made statements and rules declaring that contractors who discriminate LGBTI people will not be given any assistance or funds. This is the first time the World Bank is coming up with such notions. Moreover, a report from the UN revealed that thousands of LGBTI people were killed and injured in the past few years. They were subject to serious violence like genital mutilation, attacks and rape. Advocates around the world are fighting to help these people. And today, the UN has made strong moves to help them too!


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