Barking dogs hardly ever bite. The emphasis is on“HARDLY.

Don’t even try to apply power or try to control any situation by threatening or in dog terms, barking-out orders.

This type of behavior won’t work at times, or even with everyone.

The real smart way would be to insinuate and try be clandestinely persuasive, which will not only get your message passed on, but that human being on the other end won’t feel or be under pressure or pushed down to the matt.

When one tries to dominate people with any kind of rough talk, they rebel real fast against you; but, having proper skills, they might not even know that they have become dominated by your tactfully acquired new skills.

Keeping in mind, your action will need to speak out for you loud and clear for you to be dominant. People who order others into deep waters for swimming and say they can’t swim themselves will not remain dominant for very long.


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