Kaitlyn Juvik

A high school in Montana, Helena High School was in the news across various social media platforms when one of her student, Kaitlyn Juvik decided to fight the “injustice” from the school, when they sent her home for not putting on a bra underneath her black shirt.

Apparently, Juvik was in violation of the school’s dress code and was sent home when another student complained  that she made them feel uncomfortable by the way she dressed.

This didn’t go down well with Juvik who felt humiliated by the whole episode and decided to take the fight to social media.

She posted on her Facebook wall a picture of the alleged inappropriate top

“If anyone is curious. THIS is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out!!! not see through, not inappropriate! and you definitely cannot tell I’m not wearing a bra unless you’re looking VERY hard! I was most definitely not wearing anything that was against the dress code!!”

The post has since garnered over 30,000 likes and the school has been greatly criticized by social media user for its action.

Speaking about the incident, Juvik said: “What I was confronted about was wrong … As long as nothing is showing and you’re covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra.” A lot of her friends shared her opinion, even going as far as creating a Facebook page titled “No Bra, No Problem.”

“The movement for gender equality, women’s rights, & being comfortable. Against discrimination in schools, we focus on the right for girls to go bra-less,” could be sighted on the page’s description reads.

“The fact that I was told it makes people uncomfortable offended me because it’s my body,” Juvik addressed a small crowd outside of the school. “It is my natural body and I’m not sure why that is uncomfortable to somebody.”

Meanwhile, Juvik’s mother stands in full support of her daughter against this “injustice”. She said “I stand behind my daughter 100%! I am very proud of the point she is trying to make and the movement that she and her friends have created,”

“This movement is not just about wearing/not wearing a bra. Our daughters are body shamed and sexualized on a daily basis. We need to teach them to be comfortable in their own skin and not feel like they have to hide under their clothes. The schools have bigger fish to fry than worrying about whether or not my daughter is wearing a bra! Ask your daughters if they wear a bra on a regular basis, I think you will be surprised by the answer!” She further explained.

Though a lot of people have drummed up support for Juvik, not everybody shares the same sentiment.

One social media user argued “Totally agree with sexism and sexual assault for rubbing past a woman nowadays better to be safe than sorry. She should have been sent home.”


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