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It was a bitter night for Hillary Clinton, nothing to do with morning jubilation when she voted with her husband to applause and giggling in Chapaqquaa (New York).

Clinton called on followers to move forward, defending “the values we respect and share,” such as freedom of expression, rule of law and equal rights.

We have seen that our nation is deeply divided, more than we think,” he said.

Without political experience, the Republican billionaire promised to “Make United States Great Again” by playing on the fears of white Americans forgotten by globalization. In his address she said that “we must accept the result and look to the future”. “We owe him an open mind and the ability to lead,” she stated.

Obama appeared also with Joe Biden, Vice s.

Trump clearly wins in electoral votes because the American electoral system states that if a candidate wins with 51% of the votes of the representatives in one state, he automatically wins all the electoral votes of that state.

“I know they feel discouraged because I obviously feel the same, but remember that our campaign was never a single person, it was about the country we love and building a country with hopes,” Hillary Clinton said.

“We have not yet broken the glass ceiling, but one day we will.” commented Clinton

What’s next?

Her Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, came out to the press initially and thanked Clinton for trusting him as a running mate.

“She would have made history as president,” he said in his speech. however “Donald Trump will be our president.”

M.VE-Hillary Clinton, a Democrat candidate for the United States presidential election, spoke out after losing the election on Tuesday.



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