The former secretary of the United States of America, Hillary Clinton is running for the next president of the United States and if she succeeds it would be the first time in the United States that a woman would emerge as the president.

If Clinton somehow manages to win the general electoral against the Republican candidate Donald Trump, she would be responsible for choosing a suitable person as the Vice President of the United States. As the final date for vetting comes near Clinton has been busy analyzing and creating a list of qualified candidates for the job.

Having scaled through many hurdles to emerge as the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton now faces the task of choosing a running mate.

Associates are planning interviews with imminent running mates and hunting down any warnings that could hurt her bid. As far as it matters for her, Clinton says her top need is a hopeful who could venture in and carry out the task if called. Expecting a declaration by the middle of next month, her campaign organization has shortlisted three names from a long list that is getting shorter every day.

Here’s a list of likely candidate for the position.

Senator Tim Kaine, 58, from Virginia. A Spanish speaker from a swing state. He appeared on Barack Obama’s list in 2008 and had a compatibility with Hillary Clinton. But he is a political insider in a ‘change decision’; he would be a safe yet unsuitable choice.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, 66, of Massachusetts. She is the best Trump opponent in the group; she has immense grassroots followers and could bring the dynamic flank into the party. But she is not on the same radar with Clinton on arrangement and style. And does not require the running mate tag to have her voice heard. She will vacate the Senate seat if she is also picked.

Julian Castro, 41, he is young, energetic and maybe the group’s brightest rising star. He is the secretary of Housing and Urban Development. As a Mexican-American, he could assist enormously with the Hispanic turnout. But he has little experience and untested on a national stage.

The other contenders are:

Senator Cory Booker, 47, of New Jersey. A skilled campaigner with an expansive follower, especially on online networking, he could keep the Obama coalition together by connecting with black voters and youth. A glad social dynamic – and vegetarian – from a vigorously Democratic state, his appeal among swing voters may be restricted.


Representative Xavier Becerra, 58, of California, he is a professional. Articulate both in English and Spanish, has been a dynamic and long-standing surrogate for Clinton. But he had a limited name acknowledgment and considered a dim stallion choice.

Senator Sherrod Brown, 63, of Ohio. A work associate from a critical Rust Belt state, he brings experience, is regarded on the left-wing of the gathering and could help with manual white voters.  Like Mrs. Warren, his Senate seat would be relinquished if he got to be VP, and it could be very hard to win back.

Tom Perez, 54, He is Hispanic and a skilled speaker. The Secretary of Labor is cherished by the unions and has solid left-wing bonafide. The obstacle he may have is that he has a very low name acknowledgment and little involvement in chosen office. Contradicted by business interests.

All three respective possible candidates mentioned has an equal opportunity, but Senator Elizabeth Warren and Clintons strong supporter Tim Kaine, both of them are the most active candidates as Castro is deemed rather young for the job.


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