President Donald Trump has called the press "fake news media". Danny Wicker CTN News

A university professor from the United States who has accurately predicted the results of each presidential election since 1984, including last year, works on a book based on a possible future: The impugnation of President Donald Trump.

Dey Street Books told CTN News on Tuesday that he acquired the rights to Allan J. Lichtman’s book “The Case for Impeachment” and plans to release it on April 18. Lichtman teaches history at American University and has used a system of 13 “keys”, from economics to a candidate’s charisma, to predict presidential winners.

Shortly after the 2016 election, Lichtman speculated on CNBC that Trump could be challenged because “he plays with the law.” He admitted that he based his prediction on a presentiment, not on a scientific system.


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