Protesting Minorities point out that Latino artists in the film industry have been ignored. Maria Kathryn _ Conspiracy Talk News

CALIFORNIA (Conspiracy Talk News) – Protesting Minorities in Hollywood ask that Hollywood show diversity without stereotypes so that Hispanics and other ethnic groups feel proud.

Activists for minorities in the movies said they are preparing protests before the Oscars to demand that Hollywood project diversity “without stereotypes” so that Hispanics and other ethnic groups do not feel that they are “not worth”.

“Latinos are 18% of the US population and we buy 23% of movie tickets, but in movies we only appear at 3.1%,” said Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC, in English).

“Latin artists have been very patient, we have waited our turn in line, but the film industry has ignored us,” he said.

The leader of the NHMC expressed his dissatisfaction at a press conference with Gloria Molina, a US policy and former member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the same county.

“I grew up watching movies in which people do not look like our families, or Latinos in roles of negative stereotypes,” Molina said, adding, “For that reason, many Latinos think that there are no opportunities for success, or that we are not worth anything.

He also attended the press conference the “American Indians in Film & Television” (American Indians in Film and Television), Sonny Skyhawk, who believes that “Native American artists are down the list because they are hired only for cowboy movies, “he said.

In order to draw attention to “the exclusion of Hispanics” in Hollywood cinema, this year the NHMC and its allies will organize two street protests against the Academy of Cinematography, which will be the Oscars on March 4.

“This year there are no Latin nominees for their work in front of cameras,” Nogales criticized.

In the past 18 years, only three Latino actors have won Oscar awards. 

They are Benicio del Toro, in 2001 for “Traffic”; Javier Bardem, in 2008 for “No country for old men”, and Penélope Cruz, in 2009 for “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.

The Mexican Guillermo del Toro was nominated as Best Director, Original Screenplay and Best Film for the film “The Shape of Water”, out of a total of 13 nominations, among which Luis Sequeira was also nominated in the Best Costume category, and Nelson Ferreira in Best Sound Edition for the same film.

Other Latin nominees are Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, in Original Music for the song “Remember me”, from the animated film “Coco”, and the Brazilian Carlos Saldanha, nominated in Best Animated Film for the feature film “Ferdinand” .

“Guillermo del Toro is a Mexican who is not employing Latin artists from the US,” Nogales criticized.

“So it does not do much for them to nominate him if he is not using us in his films,” added the president of NHMC.

In the study conducted by the University of Southern California (USC) “Inequality in 900 films”, which was analyzed between 2007 and 2016, it is revealed that 49% of movie tickets are purchased by non-Caucasians to watch movie.

In the 900 films analyzed, the white actors are 70.8%; African-Americans occupy 13.6%; the Asians 5.7%; Latinos 3.1% and Indian or Alaska Natives were 1 in 100.


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