HONDURAS (Conspiracy Talk News) – The re-elected president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, called on the opposition to discuss, how to overcome the political crisis, but his opponents insist that fraud was committed and demanded a new election. 

“As president-elect, I extend my hand and open my mind to listen attentively to others and agree to an open dialogue, on a national agreement to peace and security” and build “a new Honduras,” said Hernández, the 49 years old, in a radio and television broadcast.

In response, the coordinator of the leftist Alliance of Opposition against the Dictatorship, former President Manuel Zelaya, rejected the call for talks and expressed that he would only talk to him if it is “to recognise the triumph of (Salvador) Nasralla,” the candidate that confronted Hernández on behalf of the leftist alliance.

In the evening hours, protesters created roadblocks in various parts of the country, including in the capital.

In El Hato, a popular neighbourhood within eastern Tegucigalpa, protesters burned tires to block vehicles while shouting slogans against Hernandez’s reelection.

“(We are) continuing our indignation, at this time in a peaceful manner.

Our marches are always of this character, even when they show the repressive apparatuses of the State that are at the control of the president, who is stealing the elections”, a protester told Conspiracy Talk News with his face covered, facing a burning barricade.

In several cities north of the country, opposition supporters also carried out roadblocks.

Nasralla, a popular television presenter of 64 years, said in Washington, where he is visiting, that he would “only agree to dialogue with the government to set the date for a new vote”.

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, also proposed to hold a new vote after noticing irregularities recorded in the elections held on November 26th.

Hernandez, candidate of the National Party (PN, right), was declared on Sunday night the winner of the elections by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), but the opposition alliance alleged “fraud” and called on his followers to take to the streets to protest.

The court attributed Hernández 42.95 percent of the votes against 41.42 percent of Nasralla.

The counting of votes aroused doubts among opponents and international observers, after Nasralla appeared with an advantage in the first cut, with 57 percent of the polls counted, shortly after that, Hernandez quickly took advantage of the lead after a series of sudden interruptions in the computer system with calculations of the TSE.

“Yes, I want to participate in the dialogue so that he (Hernández) understands that after four years of him governing and all the people saying that the political system is ungovernable,” Nasralla told AFP in Washington.

At a press conference in the US capital, Nasralla proposed that ” Honduras goes through an immediate process of negotiation with the accompaniment of the international community to define three key points: when, how and under what conditions we will carry out a new presidential elections. “

Analyst Raul Pineda, a member of the PN withdrawn from further political activity, said that if Hernández persists in maintaining power, he will have an “anaemic government,” harassed by suspicions of fraud and opposition rejection.

“I see that call (to dialogue) as inevitable, procedural speaking, but I do not see that it is very fervent. Honduras needs someone with legitimacy that can seat the parties in conflict, to seek a solution to a political crisis that tends to worsen, “Pineda warned on UneTV.

Between Sunday night and Monday, opponents blocked streets in all areas of the country with bonfires fed with tires, sticks and rocks, while police and military used tear gas to disperse them.

Amnesty International revealed in a report that 14 people had died in the wave of protests since the elections, but according to the opposition they have increased to about 24.

There are no official figures of victims of post-election violence.


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