Vegas police stand along streets behind cover of vehicles just outside Route 91 the Harvest country music festival ares shortly after a lone shooter has been reported. There were and are more reports of an active shooter around the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. (Photo by David Becker)

Over 50 individuals perished Sunday when a male opened up fire on the masses participating in a popular music festivity within Las Vegas, Nevada, with what has already been among one of the bloodiest public shootings in multiple decades in america.

The killer, known as Stephen Paddock, Sixty-four, ended up being shot dead by local law enforcement.

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Shots were fired from the thirty second floor of the popular, famous Mandala Bay Hotel, situated on the Main Strip, in which the 3rd and very last evening of a festival took place.

It was a family oriented Country music festival.

Law enforcement Establish the shooters identity of this Sin city Massacre .

Vegas Metro Police Department Sheriff Joe Lombardo explained a minimum of 50 citizens were murdered and over 200 have been wounded as accounted for to date so far, after having a guy known know as Stephen Paddock, who opened up fire on to the audience participating in this peaceful live country music performance.


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