Every now and then a story shows up in the national mass media that triggers a light bulb to get started pulsating incessantly within my brain. For me personally, this kind of story came to my door today and pertains to how Google is producing housing for some of their employees because of the ridiculous cost of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.


First, let’s get a couple of things out of the way. Sure, I realize that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and yes, I get that no-one is pressuring anyone to work for Google or reside there. Yes, I understand that this is probably meant for basic level workers. Sure, I recognize that revolutionary fresh ways of building homes using technology is the future, and also the ability with regard to such methods to keep costs down is actually a positive thing. Sure, I do know all that, but I nevertheless think this development is really a sign we are getting nearer to some kind of busting point.

The middle class in America has been getting squashed for a long time, and the social, governmental and ethical implications of this development can’t be overstated. In fact, I’ve been so worried about the U.S. modification in to a neo-feualism serf economic system, I’ve committed a great deal of the last decade to publishing and warning about it. What’s taking place now with Google employees who are unable to pay for housing is a sign that the virus ridden, fraud economy is now beginning to have an effect on even the privileged among us.

Google is one of the most prosperous organizations the earth has ever seen, of course, if its workers are struggling to find a place to live (I don’t care exactly what town it really is), something’s really not working. In my experience, this is a clear glitch within the matrix. A sign that some sort of reckoning is near. Exactly how this reckoning shows up I’ve no idea, but a majority of companies don’t provide the luxury of just buying homes to place their employees in. If this is happening in Google, consider it as some sort of canary in the coal-mine.

The entire economic climate is a rent-seeking, tainted rip-off in which monetary oligarchs and various different parasitic organisms suck more and more life out from the economy until it breaks or cracks entirely. The fact that Google staff are now feeling the repercussions with this, lets you know all you need to know. Even a terribly corrupt system can continue until it eats themselves. It’s now consuming itself.


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