Most men’s fashion retailers are using eCommerce as another way to reach a wider customer base, boost sales and spread brand awareness. You could even say that it’s nearly impossible to run a successful menswear store without a platform that sells mens clothing online.

Moreover, men’s clothing websites are finding it more lucrative to invest entirely on the ecommerce end instead of opening a chain of physical retail stores. This is one of many ecommerce moves that Differio is already doing differently to appeal to today’s tech-dependent youth from millennials to gen Z’ers.

Differio is one of the best online clothing stores for men looking for the latest stylish menswear styles, but they’re also building a brand based entirely around being different. Even though they sell men’s fashion that’s “trendy,” their styles of urban clothing for men are more unique than what most men’s clothing websites are selling, like utility kilts, male rompers and meggings. But, surprisingly it’s not just their radical style choices that are drawing millennials to their mens clothing online like a moth to a flame.

Here’s what Differio is doing differently to make their ecommerce site a millennial-friendly zone for buying fashion clothes for men.

They have a one-of-a-kind online presence.

It’s so important for today’s online clothes shopping sites to stand out from their competitors worldwide. Freestanding boutique owners only need to worry about attracting foot traffic that’s within their store radius. While online shopping opens the doors to more competitors, it’s also an opportunity to get people to recognize how your business stands out from the rest.

Differio is one of the few mens streetwear stores with an online presence that can’t be replicated. Everything from their photography style to sexy clothes for men to clothing brands is completely new throughout both the U.S. and international menswear market. Knowing how to market your products differently is one way to attract more millennials to your website.

They’re always optimizing their site so that it’s user friendly.

Have you ever browsed for mens clothing online and immediately left a website because you hated their layout? When it comes to ecommerce, first impressions are everything in order to get customers to stay on your website longer. If customers are finding it difficult to make an order or even find an item, any small inconvenience can dissuade them from making a purchase.

An ecommerce platform needs to be impeccably designed so that it’s easy to use on a range of applications. Today’s younger generations are constantly gravitating towards the most convenient way to shop for mens clothing online. Millennials are using not only PCs, but also tablets and cell phones to make purchases online. Differio has made their website user friendly by making it easy to navigate their products with aesthetically pleasing banners and product images.

They know how to keep up with the demand of millennials.

While meeting supply and demand is crucial for any business that sells trendy mens clothing online, you also need to meet the demands of the millennial lifestyle in order to keep them coming back for more. Online clothing shopping sites, like Differio, are meeting these expectations by staying in the know with what’s trending across media, fashion and technology. This includes being proactive on the latest social media apps and staying relevant with current events, popular celebrities and fashion news.


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