Hurricane and the Drone Business

Hurricane Irma triggered massive damages to Florida. However from time to time, a little of something really good may originate from a bad situation, in this particular instance, the drone business.

The hurricane generated brand new business opportunities, to illustrate just how efficient drone modern technology could be, especially with regard to the insurance market.

Among these providers is Naples Drone Solutions, amongst numerous others that run fleets of unmanned flying devices or Drones to record, process as well as produce details for its own customers, within the building, construction, telecommunications, realty and even insurance sectors.

These kinds of drones can easily take photographs of almost anything, perform a great deal of services examining roofing systems from above.

After Irma, these variety of service providers brought in tons of rooftop evaluations and also at the same time gained recognition by establishing the demand for areal assessments at an affordable cost. Therefore, a new booming market was created.

The moment Irma struck, the drone aviators made use of the skills these individuals learned to fly thousands of missions for major insurance provider’s and local businesses throughout the region.


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