Hurricane Matthew Update

Central Florida’s Atlantic coast is now the primary aim of Hurricane Matthew as it intensified on Thursday, now rising to become Category 4 storm with winds of a minimum of 140 miles per hour and foreseen to strengthen in the next few hours.

So far, Matthew is the first ever major hurricane that threatened a direct hit on the US in over 10 years. On its route, it passed by Haiti where it killed a minimum of 339 individuals as it marches north through the Caribbean.

According to the National Hurricane Center, there have been few storms with winds as powerful as that of Matthew’s which struck Florida in the past and they warned of possibly disastrous impacts.

The United States National Weather Service stated that this storm might actually be the most powerful to hit northeast Florida in the past 118 years.

Deputy Director Ed Rappaport of Miami-based NHC said that they are aware that majority of lives lost in hurricanes is because of storm surge.

Local officials in Haiti said that around 339 people were killed, with thousands displaced after the storm washed away homes, inundated neighborhoods and uprooted trees earlier this week. The neighboring Dominican Republic also recorded 4 fatalities.

It is still a bit early to predict as to what places will be most damaged by Matthew in the US but the hurricane warning of NHC extended up the Atlantic coast from the southern part of Florida through Georgia going to South Carolina. Over 12 million people in the US were under hurricane warnings and watches.


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