Hyundai is Upping their Fuel Game

While the companies such as Tesla are working on the electric cars, Hyundai is upping their fuel efficiency and other fuel related alternatives in the form of hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

The company has been working on its new tech for a while now, as a result of which they are now all set to introduce the new Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell.

The five-seater crossover presently has a range of about 265 miles and the EPA fuel rating is about 50 miles per gallon. Whereas the next generation, is expected to hit the market the year of 2018. The SUV will be benefited with 30% improvement in a range to 348 miles per tank.

Toyota is also planning to update Mirai as well, introducing the highest range of fuel cell production.

According to Hyundai eco-vehicle development director Ahn Buyng-ki said that launch of the Tucson Fuel Cell is expected to coincide with South Korea during the Olympic games to be held in 2018. Providing the manufactures with their little perfect space to debut its advanced and latest fuel cell technology.

Hyundai is also working to launch its first electric vehicle named- THE IONIQ, in the U.S. The model is said to be fully electric and will be incorporated with plug-in and gasoline-hybrid versions.

Even though it would be really simple for a company like Hyundai to base the next-gen Tucson FCV in the present available model. But, there is also a possibility that the upcoming model would be a complete fuel cell platform that cannot be incorporated in the existing model.


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