Prototypes of border walls photographed on October 26, 2017 in San Diego. Tests indicate that high walls would be impenetrable and could end illegal border crossings. Kevin Mailer – Conspiracy Talk News

SAN DIEGO (Conspiracy Talk News) – Recent testing of Mexican border wall prototypes indicated that the height of these barriers would make them virtually impenetrable and could end illegal crossings from Mexico, the Associated Press said in a official statement and that tests are still being carried out.

Special units of Florida-based armed forces with Customs and Border Protection Service spent three weeks trying to penetrate or scale eight models in San Diego, using pneumatic hammers, saws, torches and other tools, as well as climbing devices, according to the informant, who spoke on condition of not being identified because he was not authorised to disseminate this information.

A report from the Customs and Border Protection Service on the tests identifies the strengths and failures of the model walls, but does not declare a winner or classify them according to their effectiveness, although it does indicate that some transparent steel barriers with cement on the top are the ones with the best design, the informant revealed.

The report recommends combining elements of different models, depending on the terrain. 

The official compared the process with the assembly of buildings with pieces of Lego, using pieces of different prototypes.

Carlos Díaz, spokesman for the Customs and Border Protection Service, said that the agency is still in a “testing phase” and that the results are being evaluated. 

He added that “combining elements of different prototypes would not be anything new since it was done in the past”. 

He recalled that when launching the tender, the agency indicated that the walls should be at least 5.4 meters (18 feet) high. 

He refrained from making further comments.


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