Importance of video content in advertising and business in 2018 - Image by Terry Novak

Rapid growth of video content is apparent in all areas. Schools, colleges, so many different work environments that it’s difficult to count. And let’s not forget entertainment and advertising sectors…

The list goes on and on. But why? Why is it that we can scroll past a funny photo on Facebook or Instagram without even stopping, but a short video piece about anything has us hooked?

Video is the way to go.

As stated previously people tend to just scroll past a photo with some text on it, but a video captures attention, it’s engaging, and most importantly it’s easy. No reading, no looking for the hidden meaning.

Nothing. Just sit back and relax. And spend money. Yes, you read that right. Video ads on social media have been proven to not only increase engagement (likes, shares, comments) but also directly and indirectly drive traffic to your website or online store.


First of all we, as human beings, tend to trust businesses that we can engage with, hear their voice and see their face. It’s simply a trust thing, but this trust is what drives traffic to many businesses and increases to do so every month. Second reason, why video content is so rapidly increasing in advertising fields and increasing sales is the share-ability of it.

A video is more likely to go viral and eventually increase the value of a business. A great example of this is the Dollar Shave Club. Their video went viral in all of the major social media sites.

The end result?

Unilever bought the Dollar Shave Club for 1 billion dollars. Cash. Sharing video is becoming the new norm, so advertisers pour more and more money into it. And they should. Third, and final reason, why video advertising is increasing in popularity and will continue to do so is social media. Video is the new norm and all the big social media sites get that.

The snowball effect starts. Social media sites show more videos (because it keeps its users using their app longer), the users share the videos, video popularity increases, advertisers spend more money on video content, and social media sites reinvest money back to optimizing their apps for video. And on, and on it goes.

To recap: video is the new norm of advertising and anyone that’s not utilizing this is losing money by the minute.

No, it will not stop, at least not any time soon. So to anyone that has been skeptical of the importance of video I can only say this: check the facts.


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