Whether you like President Trump’s policy for the nation or not, the one thing you can’t claim with this administration (unlike the prior administration) is the fact that Trump and the team are operating in an unlawful or even unconstitutional way.

There is absolutly nothing that this President has done or even proposed to date that’s an impeachable offense, that is unfortunate to the left simply because they so faithfully would like to get him out of office.

Nevertheless, as we’ve learned over the past few months, the fact that there isn’t anything at all unlawful or even unconstitutional about the way President Trump is actually governing is no hurdle for that extreme left.

Congressional democrats and the mainstream mass media know that all they need to do is normally make Americans think President Trump is scandalous as well as corrupt, and then proceed making use of their calls for impeachment.

We were treated to this merely days following Inauguration Day when Trump attempted to put into action a temporary traveling ban on countries which are recognized for terrorism.

Even though our own migrants laws and regulations make it abundantly clear that the leader has the ability to ascertain who can come into the united states as well as who does definitely not, your left uniquely spun the whole story in making Trump look like the big bad villain.

We had been informed that Trump is really a racist as well as a bigot simply because “he is attempting to prohibit Muslims through the country,” even though the travel prohibition would only affect 13 percent for the world’s Muslims.

We were informed that the traveling restriction has been unconstitutional mainly because it impedes on the 1st Amendment legal rights of immigration, as if the Constitution was composed for the whole world, Us citizens as well as people from other countries alike.

All of this regardless that President Trump’s proposed traveling suspension has been entirely legal and well throughout the boundaries with the Constitution.

This kind of pattern of untrue repugnance as well as created scandals is probably most prevalent in the ongoing Russian federation plot.

According to virtually every left wing democrat in the USA, Mr. Trump in addition to people in his organization colluded together with the Soviets through the entire 2016 presidential election, and had this not been recently for Vladimir Putin together with his ilk, Hillary Clinton could be our 45th president.

In order to perpetuate this plot, this left have in essence persuaded millions of Us citizens that any kind of connection with any Russians whatsoever is without a doubt scandalous and for that reason has to be investigated.

Even though political figures as well as U.S. representatives speak with the Russians on a regular basis (and also have for decades), we’re told that when someone inside the Trump government does it, they’re instantly corrupt.

This persistent political attack upon Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an ideal example of just how congressional dens and also the liberal press turn any contact with your Soviets in to some type of a criminal offense.

Probably the most common talking points used by this left is that Jeff Sessions lied to you under oath when he declared that he did not have any kind of a connection with the Soviets regarding the 2016 presidential political election.

During his hearing back in The month of january, Jeff Sessions was asked the following question coming from Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy: “Have you actually been in contact with anybody connected to any part with the Russian government about the actual 2016 election, either after or before election day?” Sessions replied, “No.”

A follow-up question originated from Mn Senator Al Franken, who referred to a recent CNN document alleging the Trump campaign has been communicating with the actual Russians through the entire election.

“If it’s correct, it’s obviously extremely serious,” Franken said on the report. “And if you have any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign corresponded with the Russian government for the duration of this campaign, just what will you do?”

“I’m not aware of those activities,” Sessions responded. “I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and that i did not have communications with Russians.”

It turned out later exposed in which Jeff Sessions did in reality communicate with the Russians, which is highly typical for people associated with the Us senate Armed Services Committee.

A spokeswoman for Jeff Sessions also noted that within 2016, Sessions was in contact with over 25 ambassadors, including ambassadors to Great britain, South korea, Japan, Poland, India, China, Canada, Australia and Germany.

So did Jeff Sessions truly lie under oath? Of course not. The actual fact of the matter is that whenever Sessions had been answering these questions from Senator Leahy as well as Senator Franken, he had been answering within the particular framework of the Trump campaign.

Under oath, Sessions said that he had never communicated with the Russians about the 2016 presidential election, which in turn is the absolute real truth.

This is how the liberals have conducted and coated the entire Russia probe thus far – they’ve made it seem as though any contact among any fellow member of the Trump team and the Russians is scandalous, which of course, is crazy. Is diplomacy today a criminal offense?


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