Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) chose to set their differences aside and team up to manufacture a new laptop chip.

The chip uses a processor from Intel and an AMD graphics unit. It will be among Intel’s 8th generation Intel core family, the core H-series to be exact, marks AMD’s and Intel’s first partnership since the 1980’s. The partnership between Intel and AMD will rival one of the best companies in the market, NVidia.

Reports reveal that the new chip is going to take gaming to a new level and this is particularly great news for gamer’s who prefer to use slender type laptops. The chip is designed for thin and portable laptops, and is also believed to be powerful enough to handle games with intense graphic needs.

Reports reveal that the new chip is on another level unlike AMD’S Ryzen chips, which are also designed for ultra-thin laptops. AMD had earlier specified that the new Intel chips are specifically meant for games that needed extreme graphics and processing needs. Computing needs that could not run on regular computers with Ryzen chips.

“This chip will diversify laptop gaming and take it to a whole new level,” remarked an editor from tech review magazine, the Verge.

“Some unique software drivers and interfaces have been added to this semi-custom discrete GPU to coordinate information among all the elements of the platform,” remarked Christopher Walker, general manager of the mobile client platform at Intel.

Mr. Walker further added, “The unique software drivers and interface not only manage temperature, power delivery and performance stats in real time, but they also enable system designers to adjust the ratio of power-sharing between the processor and graphics. They do so based on workload and usage of performance gaming.”


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