Your Apple iPhone Button can now serve  many gadgets for you!

The Apple device is designed to serve as your flashlight, your calendar, your wallet and your camera. But, now there are plans to make it your car keys! Voila, you read it right. In the next few months, you will be able to replace your car keys with an iPhone. Sources from Bloomberg talk about how the brand is planning to scale its horizons and build stunning self-driving cars. Its automotive projects may not seem great or promising – yet, its vision to replace car keys is in the right cards.

A Simple Button

Apple executives believe that they can replace car keys with a simple button. All that you should do is press the button and the car would respond accordingly. Now, the electric cars and keys are fine-tuned to accept few fingerprints. This means, your cars cannot be accessed by anyone but you. This reduces the risks of theft and other intrusion!

The idea of using an iPhone to unlock and lock your cars is a smart move. We really don’t know if Apple is going to build a great electric car. But you can be sure that this electric key model is likely to surface. Apple plans to give life to this project by the end of 2017.

A Patent!

The idea to replace car keys with the iPhone is a patented one. Here the iPhone would send activation messages to the vehicle through an application. Indeed, car manufacturers have installed various applications like Viper SmartStart and BlueLink in their vehicles. Now, Apple is planning to install an application for opening cars. So, the next time you lose your keys, wonder how to start your vehicle from a far or how to start the engine – remember that a button in iPhone is your answer.


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