The War on Words Continues as Iran Labels Netanyahu as The 'Infamous Liar'

Calling Israeli PM “an infamous liar” and head of a “child-killing Zionist regime,” Iran intensely denounced a fancy display from Benjamin Netanyahu, where he blamed Tehran of looking for nuclear weapons. 

Within a announcement Tuesday, Iran’s International Ministry torpedoed Monday’s assertions by a ” broke and infamous liar who has had nothing to offer except lies and deceits.” It accused Israel with ” using battered charlatanism” and viewing others as a threat to justify the existence of their ” illegal regime.”

” Netanyahu and the notorious, child-killing Zionist regime must have reached the basic understanding that the people of the world have enough awareness and cognizance,” claimed Foreign Department representative Bahram Qassemi.

In a sequence of tweets, Iranian Minister of foreign affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif likewise mocked Netanyahu’s allegations, noting the ” coordinated timing of alleged intelligence revelations by the boy who cries wolf just days before May 12.”.

On that particular day US president Donald Trump is anticipated to make a decision whether or not the United States will remain in the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement inked through 5 powerful nation together with Iran.


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