US President Donald Trump said on Thursday Iran had failed to comply with the “spirit” of the Nuclear Agreement signed back in 2015 with six other countries over its controversial nuclear program.

“They have not lived up to the spirit of this agreement,” said the president, who has until Oct. 15 to formally communicate to the US Congress if he is able to hold Iranian accountable to the agreement.

According to the president, “the Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos throughout the Middle East.”

Trump added, that for that reason “it is necessary to put an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and aggression’s. You will all hear about Iran very soon. “

According to press reports, Trump seems inclined not to certify Iran’s compliance with the agreement, although he could leave that decision in the hands of Congress.

If Trump did not certify the agreement, Congress would be free to apply sanctions upon Iran, a step that would represent the failure of enormous diplomatic effort.

The agreement signed by Iran with the so-called 5 + 1 group – the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China – offers Tehran an escape from harsh economic sanctions in exchange for limiting uranium enrichment and allowing international inspections.

The law requires the US president to report to Congress every 90 days whether Iran respects and complies with the agreement and whether the lifting of sanctions is in the United States’ national interest, an obligation that has already put him in political turmoil twice.


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