5 Killed at Fort Lauderdale Airport

An Iraq veteran took a gun out of his luggage and opened a fire in the crowded baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale’s airport. He killed 5 people and injured around 8 people during the massacre.

Esteban Santiago, age 26 (the suspect) was taken into the custody immediately following the shooting and was expected to face the federal charges in the shooting rampage, mentioned George Piro, the special agent in-Charge of the FBI’s office Miami.

George also cited that the investigators had “not ruled out terrorism” as a possible motive in the rampage and were also reviewing the recent travel history of the suspect.

Santiago, had also served in the U.S military.

He arrived in the Ft. Lauderdale airport before 1pm on a connecting flight from Alaska, as mentioned by authorities in the report. Later, he retrieves his 9mm semi-automatic handgun from his checked luggage and began to fire indiscriminately.

Chip LaMarca the Broward County Commissioner tweeted that the gunman first went into the restroom to load his weapon and then came out firing.

Witnesses also told that he only stopped when he ran out of ammunition, where after he surrendered to the police.

As per the videos released on social media, showed that the travellers were kneeling down and treating the victims lying on the floor next to a carousel.

John Schlicher a traveller said:

The shooter was,"directly firing at us" while passengers waited for their bags. His wife gave first aid to a victim who had been shot in the head, and his mother-in-law used her sweater to tend to another victim but it turned out that person was already dead.

Mark Lea, another eyewitness, “He didn’t say anything; he was quiet the whole time.”

The deadliest shooting took place in the U.S history took place last june, when a gunman inspired by the ISIS killed around 49 people and wounded around 53 people at a nightclub in Florida


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