Taking into consideration the universality of the Iraq example, presumably saying that “generals are constantly fighting the last battle” likewise relates to their critics. Syria is Iraq only when facile associations substitute substantive contrasts.

Outside the reality that both of these nations have been generally led by means of Baathist regimes which delivered enormous calamity upon people, certainly there is absolutely no other solid fact where Syria & Iraq are actually comparable
Around 2003, Iraq was invaded, despite the fact that there was absolutely no impending humanitarian disaster calling for any type of action within Syria, the establishment has gone on a rage ever since 2011, still just a couple of times has it hinged on restricted and instead inadequate armed forces strikes upon “humanitarian grounds”.

Lets get to the nut and bolts of, Why the war in Syria will escalate!

Its all about the Gas Pipeline, Yes, the PIPELINE.


The United States & Britain had made use of false flag operations to invade Iraq and now is focusing on Syria. Regular violations have just two times shaken the western world from inaction. Exactly where within Iraq, the alleged ownership of WMDs was regarded adequate reasons for an all out attack on the country, with “NO PROOF”.  They are trying to validated usage within Syria, however it has merely belatedly induced a reaction, mostly suggestive, missing shock or even awe.

The comparison in addition, appears ignorant of the well-known or moreover the unknowns with the actions against Iraq.

Around 2003, in spite of extreme AMERICA pressure, worldwide bodies such as the International Nuclear Power Organization (IAEA), the United Nations Tracking, Confirmation as well as Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) and also OPCW refused to endorse the government’s case in opposition to Iraq, yet, they went and attacked it anyway.

Within Syria, the regime have not disclaimed its ownership of chemical substance weapons and also the UN claims that Syria has used them at least 34 times, so they say. once again with “NO PROOF”.


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