Assault launched on ISIS just west of Mosul City on Saturday (File photo: Reuters)

United Nations has said that ISIS has executed 232 people near the city of Mosul and thousands of people are in captivity to be used as a human shield against forces of Iraqi.

UN has stated that on Wednesday this group has carried out massive killings and murdering every person who refused to obey its orders.

“Forced out by gunpoint, or killed if they resist, these people are reportedly being moved to strategic locations where ISIL fighters are located,” Shamdasani stated, however he did use a different acronym pertaining to ISIS.

More then 232, 190 were former Iraqi soldiers who refused to join the terrorist group.

The UN firmly believes that those who are in captivity will be used as human shield against the Iraqi forces with ongoing operation in the city of Mosul.

Iraqi forces have cleared thousands of kilometers of land from the town of Al Shura, just south of Mosul, so far nearly 6000 civilians have been evacuated.

In the remaining area, the Iraqi forces are planning carefully to Mosul avoid any possible civilian casualties. While ISIS is blowing up buildings, bridges and houses to slow down the Iraqi army.

The Iraqi forces backed by U.S. and allied have killed 800 to 900 ISIS fighters in the ongoing operation to retake the city of Mosul from their (ISIS) captives.

“ISIS executed 42 civilians in Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul. Also on Wednesday ISIS executed 190 former Iraqi security forces for refusing to join them, in the Al Ghazlani base near Mosul,” claimed Ravina Shamdasani

The U.S. military believes that nearly 3000 to 5000 ISIS fighters are defending their last strongholds and another additional 2000 fighter have been sent outside the city to resist the Iraqi forces.

In a day or two, decisive actions will be taken, Say the United Nations.


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