Israel Claims to Have Assisted Australia in Preventing A Terrorist Attack Google Images Labeled for Reuse.

After Lebanon, Israel is claiming credit for providing Australia with assistance and intelligence to stop a terror plan to blow up a plane leaving Sydney. 

In late July, four men were arrested over a plot which according to the Australian Federal Police, involved the smuggling of a bomb hidden inside a meat grinder on an Ethihad flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Overnight reports were confirmed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Unit 8200 which is attached to the Israeli Intelligence Corps, offered Australia exclusive intelligence that upset the prevented terrorist attack.

Home Affairs Minister of Australia Peter Dutton confirmed that ASIO, the Australian spy agency was assisted by Israeli colleagues.

Dutton told Sydney Radio 2GB on Thursday that they were grateful, as it actually led them straight towards the issue that had to be dealt with. 

After the arrests were made, Lebanon claimed to have been watching the suspects for more than a year and further said that “Australian has been working together with us for a long time”.

A number of conflicting versions of what the plot actually involved have surfaced as well, out of the four men, two who have been arrested, Mahmoud Khayat and his brother Khaled Khayat have been charged with two counts of preparing or planning a terrorist attack.

Another man Khaled Merhi was charged with a weapons offence while the fourth was released without any charge.

Nohad Machnouk, the Lebanese Interior Minister claimed in August that the bomb was placed on the flight and was concealed inside a large doll.

He also stated that Amer Khayat who was another Sydney-based brother, was to carry the device.

However, the bomb did not make it to the flight as it exceeded the weight limits at the check-in counter.

Machnouk added that the plot could have succeeded if luggage had not been so heavy.


Contributed by : Mike Wick


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